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Dewey Livingston

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Dewey Livingston at the Map & Special Collections Annex.

There’s a lot to be said for a detailed map of a place we know, or want to know. Unlike a painting or photo, a map paints a picture and provides an accurate depiction of life on the ground we walk upon. Old maps can be full of wonder as they...

Early NPCRR locomotive and tender west of Lagunitas, where much damage was done to the canyon.

In choosing to run its rails through Lagunitas Canyon and along Tomales Bay, the directors of the North Pacific Coast Railroad must have foreseen some of the progress it would bring to the area’s population, the goods it would deliver to a...

The Shafter ranch corral, where the cow-in-the-crack incident supposedly occurred.

On April 18, 1906 at the Payne Shafter ranch at Olema -where the dairy was rented to a tenant- Henry and Romano Muscio got ready for the morning milking in the corral (cows were milked outside in fair weather). The ranch sat on top of the San...


The North Pacific Coast Railroad, being narrow gauge and usually hurting for money, had its share of mishaps and disasters. Derailments, washouts, breakdowns, collisions, all were par for the course for an active railroad. One incident stands out...

Visitors to the Point Reyes Lighthouse

The Point Reyes Lighthouse built in 1870 is currently undergoing long-needed repairs, and is closed while work progresses. In its honor, we publish here a short excerpt from Dewey Livingston’s upcoming book on the history of the Point Reyes...

Pastori's Fairfax, circa 1913

EDITOR’S NOTE: The following is a digest of a lengthier story –The Grand Era at Pastori’s- by Dewey Livingston first published in the Historic Fax, Sept. 6, 1988. It includes excerpts from an oral history with Clementina Pastori...

William Kent, c.1895

As the National Park Service winds down the nationwide celebration of its centennial in 2016, one major point of information that is missing in all the PR and literature is the name of a local man and his lifelong mission: William Kent and the...

Dairy Cows grazing in West Marin, c.1937

What makes Marin County such a desirable place today? I could confidently answer that its prosperity, good schools, proximity to San Francisco and –most significantly- its natural beauty and vast open spaces add up to its universal...


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