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Cathy Gowdy

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Mt. Tamalpais Military Academy, Mounted Artillery, San Rafael, c.1902

Stephen Shakespeare died in San Rafael on Saturday morning, March 22nd, 1902, of pneumonia at age 67. A military service was held for him at the First Presbyterian Church of San Rafael on Monday afternoon after which his casket was taken to the...

Mill Valley grocery store belonging to Louis Gerhardt & a partner. Louis is in the wagon. The building is located on Throckmorton Avenue. The store was later owned by the Canepa family.

I was recently contacted by a South Dakota lady to help prove that Eleanor Gerhardt and Eleanor Tompkins were one and the same. They were. The journey to prove it was fun.

First I had to find a marriage record for Eleanor Galleher to Louis E....

Robert James Kehoe

On July 12th, 2012, I found a query on’s Marin County message board which read in part “Hi there, I am Andy Swinnen from the Netherlands. My boys and I we adopted 5 graves of soldiers who died in ww2. We take care of their...

Dante Muscio, winner of "Great Moustache Tourney", 1925

In February of this year Michael Domer opened a restaurant in Novato and named it Muscio’s in honor of his grandfather who settled in West Marin in the late 1800s.

This reminded me of a newspaper article I had once seen in the Point Reyes...


We hear about the rich and famous folks all the time in our everyday lives and this makes it easy for future genealogists to learn something about their families, but what about the “little” guy, the one who quietly worked and lived a...


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