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Marin Trivia, Part II

By Carol Acquaviva · June 07, 2019

Trivia expert at the Novato Branch of the Marin County Free Library, 1928 <span>&copy; Anne T. Kent Room </span>

Trivia expert at the Novato Branch of the Marin County Free Library, 1928

(Q. 3) Arequipa Sanatorium nurse and patients, 1940 <span>&copy; Anne T. Kent Room </span> (Q. 4) Marvelous Marin logo, circa 1930 <span>&copy; Anne T. Kent Room </span>

In response to your interest in our local history trivia challenges at recent community events, and  a follow-up to our previous round of trivia, we thought you might enjoy a few more.

Answers will appear next week.


1.  What original feature of the Marin County Civic Center Post Office is no longer there?

a. The flag pole

b. A decorative globe

c. A decorative fountain

d. Front steps


 2.  Match the Marin high school with the name of its school newspaper. (One title is used by two schools.)

a. Terra Linda High School

b. Branson School

c. Tamalpais High School

d. Novato High School

e. Marin Catholic

f. Redwood High School

g. Marin Academy


  • The Red ‘N’ White
  • The Bark
  • The Voice
  • The Swarm
  • The Blazer
  • The Roar


3.  Arequipa is a city in southwestern Peru. Arequipa also was the name of a woman’s tuberculosis sanatorium in Fairfax, founded in 1911.  There are at least two theories as to the meaning of the word “Arequipa.” Choose the two theories in the list below.

 a. “Area of Health”

b. “Yes, Stay”

c. “Live Long”

d. “Clean Air Above the Clouds”

e. “The Place Beyond the Peak of the Mountain”

f. “The Place Where Water Falls”

g. “You Don’t Look So Well”


4.  In 1927, “Marvelous Marin, Inc.” a countywide chamber of commerce group, announced it would be erecting billboards with which slogan?

a. “Redwood Empire Begins Here”

b. “Gateway to Beauty”

c. “Bigger Is Better”

d. “Live Where You Play”


5.  Marin County adopted an ordinance in 1902 which regulated the use of automobiles, requiring safety devices like horns and lights, and specifying a maximum speed (10 mph). According to this ordinance, when the driver of a car and a person on horseback were to meet, who had the right-of-way?


6.  The Alto Tunnel, opened in 1884, connects which two areas of Marin?


7.  On September 23, 1962, about 128,000 Marin County residents lined up to each eat a sugar cube. Why?


8.  Autodesk, Inc., founded in 1982 in Mill Valley, created the most popular design and drafting software of its time. What is the name of this software program? (Hint: It includes part of the company’s name in its title.)

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