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Marin Trivia: Answers

By Carol Acquaviva · November 30, 2018

Joseph McCauley as Rip Van Winkle in the Mountain Play Association's 1915 production <span>&copy; Anne T. Kent Room </span>

Joseph McCauley as Rip Van Winkle in the Mountain Play Association's 1915 production

The Point Reyes Station Branch of the Marin County Free Library (seen here in 1931), located in a railway coach <span>&copy; Anne T. Kent Room </span> The O'Flynns move into Terra Linda; Daily Independent Journal, July 30, 1954 <span>&copy;  </span>

Here are the answers to last week's trivia quiz.


1. Which of these is not one of the original 21 Mexican Land Grants in Marin?

c. Rancho San Raphael.  Check out our rancho map for more about Marin land grants.


2. What was the original name of Sausalito's Bridgeway Avenue?

The street was named Water Street, as it ran parallel to the bayfront. The name was changed in 1936 as construction was nearly completed on the Golden Gate Bridge. From the Sausalito News article Lowly Water Street Now Becomes Bridgeway Boulevard as Council Changes Name to Lure Travelers, July 10, 1936:  "Bridgeway sounded like 'the way to the bridge' and motorists will be more likely to drive into town rather than take the mainline approach over the hill from Waldo, and, going north, head into Sausalito instead." Here is Water Street as it appeared around 1903.


3. In what San Rafael neighborhood was the Hotel Rafael located?

The Hotel Rafael was in the Dominican Neighborhood. This 1890 map shows its exact location.


–4. What was the Lee Street Local?

The Lee Street Local was a streetcar which ran in the Blithedale area of Mill Valley from Lee Street to the Mill Valley depot, where passengers could transfer to trains traveling elsewhere. It ran from 1905 until 1927.


5. Sir Francis Drake's Golden Hinde landed in California in 1579. What animal is a "hinde" (or "hind")?

A female deer.


6. In 2006, which presidential candidate visited Marin? At what venue did they speak?

Then-Senator Barack Obama visited Marin in October 2006 and spoke at the Marin Center's Exhibition Hall.


7. What made the location of the Point Reyes Station branch of the Marin County Free Library unique when it opened in 1931?

The library was located in a former Northwestern Pacific Railroad car, repurposed with shelves and tables to create a reading and browsing space. These two photographs show it from the outside in 1931. You can see the inside of the library here and here.


8. From what Midwestern city did Albert Kent and Adaline Kent originally hail?

Chicago (by way of Suffield, CT)


9. Which Marin town/city incorporated first? Which most recently?

San Rafael first, in 1874. Tiburon incorporated most recently, in 1964.


10. Where were San Quentin's prisoners housed in 1852?

In 1852, the State of California purchased land at Point San Quentin for the purpose of a prison. Prisoners were housed on the ship Waban, docked offshore. Until the cellblock building was completed in 1854, inmates lived aboard the ship and constructed the prison during the daytime. For additional San Quentin history, visit our digital archive to see the Dr. Leo L. Stanley Collection which includes the Smith Family Album and remarkable photographs documenting the San Quentin Little Olympics. 


11. The first family to move into Terra Linda was presented with a month's supply of Borden's milk and ice cream, 50 gallons of gas, groceries, furniture, cleaning supplies, a savings account and other gifts. In what year did this happen? Hint: It was in the decade of the 1950s.

Mr. and Mrs. Edward O'Flynn and son Gregory moved into 299 Oleander Drive on July 29, 1954.


12. Match the following restaurants with their locations.

Cloud 5: Novato
Corey’s: San Rafael
Lucky Porky Deli: Sausalito
Faye’s Coffee Shop: Larkspur
Bob’s of Marin: Corte Madera


13. Which play has not been a featured Mountain Play production? Which play has been presented twice?

Rip Van Winkle (1915 & 1926)

b. Cats has not been a Mountain Play production.

Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum (2000)

The Tempest (1954)

Learn more about the Mountain Play's history on our digital archive.


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