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Marin Trivia

By Carol Acquaviva · November 22, 2018

Hotel Rafael (see question #3) <span>&copy; Anne T. Kent Room </span>

Hotel Rafael (see question #3)

Albert E. and Adaline E. Kent in 1885 (see question #8) <span>&copy; Anne T. Kent Room </span> Advertisement for Bob's of Marin, 1963 (see question #12) <span>&copy;  </span>

Answers will appear next week. Good luck!

1. Which of these is not the name of one of the original 21 Mexican Land Grants in Marin?

a. Rancho Canada de Herrera

b. Rancho Angel Island

c. Rancho San Raphael

d. Rancho Laguna de San Antonio


2. What was the original name of Sausalito's Bridgeway Avenue?


3. In what San Rafael neighborhood was the famed resort “Hotel Rafael” located?


–4. What was the Lee Street Local? (Hint: It existed from 1905-1927.)


5. Sir Francis Drake's Golden Hinde landed in California in 1579. What animal is a "hinde" (or "hind")?


6. In 2006, which presidential candidate visited Marin? At what venue did they speak?


7. What made the location of the Point Reyes Station branch of the Marin County Free Library unique when it opened in 1931?


8. From what Midwestern city did early Marin settlers Albert Kent and Adaline Kent originally hail?


9. Which Marin town/city incorporated first? Which most recently?


10. Where were San Quentin's prisoners originally housed in 1852?


11. The first family to move into Terra Linda was presented with a month's supply of Borden's milk and ice cream, 50 gallons of gas, groceries, furniture, cleaning supplies, a savings account and other gifts. In what year did this happen? Hint: It was in the decade of the 1950s.


12. Match the following restaurants with their locations.

a. Cloud 5 Restaurant & Cocktail Lounge

b. Corey's Restaurant & Fountain

c. Lucky Porky Deli

d. Faye's Coffee Shop

e. Bob's of Marin


1. Sausalito

2. Larkspur

3. San Rafael

4. Novato

5. Corte Madera


13. Which play has not been a featured Mountain Play production? Which one has been performed twice?

a. Rip Van Winkle

b. Cats

c. Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum

d. Hairspray

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