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Hotel Rafael March

By Laurie Thompson · January 10, 2012

Among the many interesting pieces of ephemera in the California Room's collection is a 1901 musical score by Robert Uhlig titled "Hotel Rafael March".

California Room Digital Archivist Carol Acquaviva has brought Uhlig's score and a brief history of the Hotel Rafael to life in a new YouTube video.


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Kramer Herzog wrote about 7 years ago

Thank you Laurie! love these old photos & films.

Jacqueline Cormier wrote about 7 years ago

Thanks to Laurie & Carol for this combo piece. Dominican Area residents will surely be delighted.

Constanza Perry wrote about 7 years ago

This is the first time many people have seen pictures of the famous place! The March is very 'catchy'! The site is just a few blocks from Aldersly where a friend of mine lives. She told me a girlfriend of hers was lunching with her grandmother at The Hotel Rafael the day it burned--caused by a fire in the kitchen.

Coach Emily wrote almost 7 years ago

I love seeing the history of Marin. Thank you! Can't wait to see more. I was born here in 1962 and wouldn't move anywhere else.
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