Saturday, Oct. 22, 2016
Carl & Elaine Book

Taliesin Fellows Carl & Elaine Book: In Memoriam

By Richard Keding

I first met Carl and Elaine Book in 1975 when I began to think of leaving San Francisco. They had preceded me to Santa Rosa, at...

William Kent, c.1895

William Kent’s Key Role in Creating the National Park Service

By Dewey Livingston

As the National Park Service winds down the nationwide celebration of its centennial in 2016, one major point of information that is missing in all the PR and literature is the name of a local man and his lifelong mission:...

Mission San Rafael Arcángel by Edwin Deakin. Courtesy Los Angeles County Museum of Natural History.

Mission San Rafael Arcángel

By Laurie Thompson

As we approach the Bicentennial of Mission San Rafael, I’ve been pondering San Rafael’s Mission era, and trying to envision how our Mission City appeared between December 14, 1817- when it was dedicated as an asistencia or...

The "Jennie Griffin" at Bolinas

West Marin's "Jennie Griffin"

By Jocelyn Moss

The Jennie Griffin, a schooner, was built in 1884 by Matthew Turner at the Turner Shipyard in Benicia. The two original owners were John Low and Charles Boyle. She was built to transport dairy products and other agricultural products from...

Celebratory Banquet at the Marconi Hotel; Ruth Sayers stands towards the center on the lower step, with a broad white collar and black hat; her new husband, Adolph Rau, stands next to her

Romance Inaugurates TransPacific Radio in West Marin

By Richard Nielsen

Starting on September 24, 1914, the Bolinas and Marshall Marconi radio stations were officially on the air.  Among the group of dignitaries and upper echelon Marconi personnel who attended...



Tavern of Tamalpais under Construction, Sept. 1896

Women’s Suffrage championed from the summit of Mt. Tamalpais

As we near an important moment for the United States, with the first female presidential nominee in a tight race for president, it’s worth noting that 120 years ago –on September 16,...

Visions of Marin: George Demont Otis at College of Marin
When Marin Arks Took to the Hilltops


Anita Dolcini Googins Spoke "Swiss"

Anita Dolcini Googins (1916-2015) grew up in West Marin speaking the Swiss-Italian dialect. Her great-grandfather Carlo Martinoia (Charles Martin) was one of many Swiss-Italian immigrants who left their small villages in the Vallemaggia, Switzerland to seek opportunity in the golden hills of California. In the 1850s, Martin found it in Chileno...

Photo Mystery Solved: Dedication of the Jepson Memorial, Tomales Bay State Park
Olivia Dalessi Leaves Legacy


Rudolph Betolli's patented design for a whimsical "bunny rabbit" baby bottle, 1927

Rudy Bettoli: From Winemaker to Toy Maker

Rudolph William Bettoli was born in San Francisco on December 16, 1889, the son of immigrants Stephen Bettoli and Frances Plistil. Stephen Bettoli was born in Switzerland on April 3, 1865 and...

The William S. Hughes Family: San Rafael Pioneers, 1855-1914
The Ancestry of San Rafael Pioneer Elisha DuBois


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