Tuesday, Aug. 23, 2016
Kent Family at Muir Woods. William Kent is on the far right,

Gigantic Redwoods Saved for Posterity by William Kent

By Laurie Thompson

The National Park Service turns 100 on August 25, 2016.

In honor of their centennial, we'd like to shine a spotlight on a...


The Legendary Owl of Bolinas

By Jocelyn Moss

The entire town of Bolinas turned out to greet the arrival of the schooner, Owl, on June 28th, 1911. The new boat was built in Coos bay, Oregon for Dr. Gibson who was on board for the maiden trip.  The Owl was a combination passenger and freight boat that was built to provide...


A Successful Dairy Partnership

By Richard Nielsen

At the close of the nineteenth century, John Foster entered into a partnership with his brother-in-law, Manuel de Borba.  Both were Portuguese immigrants from the Azores.  To avoid being slapped by the hand of prejudice, John...

Residence of James McCue

James McCue & His Circus Horses

By Laurie Thompson

In the early 1870s James McCue bought several hundred acres of land in the heart of Corte Madera for a country estate including 167 acres of ranch land between Alto Hill and the Bay.

McCue’s residence was located near the...

Point Bonita Lighthouse

Heroism at Point Bonita

By Laurie Thompson

San Francisco Call, 2 January 1898

An excerpt from: Dashed to Pieces Against the Golden Gate

“John Hyslop, one of the best know observers on the coast, tells an interesting story of the wreck of the wrecking schooner Samson, which was stranded...



Lagan Institute at San Rafael Day, 1911

San Rafael's Oldest Festival revived in 1911

The October 28, 1911 Sausalito News reports:

“The revival of the celebration of Oct. 24th, San Rafael Day, which has been dormant for three score and more years, took place in San Rafael on...

The Kents enjoy the Hot Springs at Steep Ravine
Bolinas RCA Chief Rigger Made a Difference


Anita Dolcini Googins Spoke "Swiss"

Anita Dolcini Googins (1916-2015) grew up in West Marin speaking the Swiss-Italian dialect. Her great-grandfather Carlo Martinoia (Charles Martin) was one of many Swiss-Italian immigrants who left their small villages in the Vallemaggia, Switzerland to seek opportunity in the golden hills of California. In the 1850s, Martin found it in Chileno...

Photo Mystery Solved: Dedication of the Jepson Memorial, Tomales Bay State Park
Olivia Dalessi Leaves Legacy


Rudolph Betolli's patented design for a whimsical "bunny rabbit" baby bottle, 1927

Rudy Bettoli: From Winemaker to Toy Maker

Rudolph William Bettoli was born in San Francisco on December 16, 1889, the son of immigrants Stephen Bettoli and Frances Plistil. Stephen Bettoli was born in Switzerland on April 3, 1865 and...

The William S. Hughes Family: San Rafael Pioneers, 1855-1914
The Ancestry of San Rafael Pioneer Elisha DuBois


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