Monday, Feb. 20, 2017

Firemen and Rain on Washington's Birthday

By Laurie Thompson

Reported in the Marin Journal on February 27th, 1902:

“It takes more than water to interfere with the fireman’s ball. Water is what...

Looking down Little Carson.

Harrowing Encounter in Little Carson Gulch

By Laurie Thompson

San Francisco Call, March 11, 1900:

“Fulton B. Allison, a well known young man of San Rafael, met an adventure with a panther on Bolinas Ridge early this morning, which, but for his presence of mind and the speed of his horses, would have had a fatal...

Attempt by Matsen & Longley to lasso Mining Superintendent Pearson

Copper 'in Them Thar Hills' - Part 2

By Richard Nielsen

By late May of 1898, the Bolinas residents opposed to the local mining operation, had removed everything easily portable from the Golden Crown mine operation  This included food, horses, wagons, hoisting engine,...

Golden Crown Mine buildings, 1896, at Union Gulch. Hoist is visible at upper roof. Destroyed by fire in 1904.

Copper 'in Them Thar Hills' - Part I

By Richard Nielsen

Sometime in the 1850s, shiny copper pyrite was first noted near Dogtown in the stream bed of Gregorio Creek (now known as Pine Gulch Creek) by early pioneers including Charles Lauff. The pyrite was traced back to what...

1908 meeting of the Marin County Medical Society at Pastori's Resort, Fairfax

Marin County Medical Society: Serving Marin for 119 Years

By Jocelyn Moss

The Marin County Medical Society had a skeleton in the closet! Literally! Dr. William F. Jones was the long-time secretary of the society and they often met in his office.  Among...



San Anselms Catholic Church after rare snow fall on Jan. 9, 1913

104 Years Ago Today: Snow Blankets Marin

Every few decades, Marin as well as other parts of the Bay Area, experience a rare winter snow fall. One such snow storm occurred one hundred and four years ago today on January 9, 1913, when snow...

Wireless Station Opens with Tragedy at Its Doorstep
Busted Dreams of Oil Wealth in Bolinas


Anita Dolcini Googins Spoke "Swiss"

Anita Dolcini Googins (1916-2015) grew up in West Marin speaking the Swiss-Italian dialect. Her great-grandfather Carlo Martinoia (Charles Martin) was one of many Swiss-Italian immigrants who left their small villages in the Vallemaggia, Switzerland to seek opportunity in the golden hills of California. In the 1850s, Martin found it in Chileno...

Photo Mystery Solved: Dedication of the Jepson Memorial, Tomales Bay State Park
Olivia Dalessi Leaves Legacy


Sketch of Angellotti's San Rafael Hotel

San Rafael Pioneer Guiseppe Angellotti

Guiseppi Angellotti was a true pioneer of San Rafael. He came to San Rafael in 1850 and saw the San Rafael Mission before it was torn down. At that time, California had just become a state and San...

Rudy Bettoli: From Winemaker to Toy Maker
The William S. Hughes Family: San Rafael Pioneers, 1855-1914


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