Thursday, Apr. 18, 2019
The Shafter ranch corral, where the cow-in-the-crack incident supposedly occurred.

1906 Earthquake: Story of the Cow caught in the Crack & the Traveling Trees

By Dewey Livingston

On April 18, 1906 at the Payne Shafter ranch at Olema -where the dairy was...

View of Richardson Bay from Sausalito

The Marin County Canal

By Robert L. Harrison

In the 1890s the economic value of canals was universally recognized.  The Suez Canal had been opened a few years earlier and its impact on the wealth of Europeans was well documented.  The French were building a canal across Panama and a Nicaraguan canal was under discussion in the...

500 Shares of Stock for the Tam O'Shanter Inn to Geo. E. Billings, April 27, 1927

Tale of a Corte Madera Inn during Prohibition

By Laurie Thompson

Once upon a time, there was an Inn at the top of the Corte Madera grade.  It was a way-stop for those travelling between Marin and San Francisco in the days when the County Road ran along Corte Madera...


The Waldo Grade: Highway through the Hills

By Laurie Thompson

We invite you to join us on Monday, April 22 at 6:30 pm, when historian and Sausalito resident Mike Moyle will explore the history of the Waldo Grade  at our Map & Special Collections Annex at 1600 Los...

Sculptor Howard Lazar working on bust of Peter Donahue

The Return of Peter Donahue to Tiburon

By Robert L. Harrison

Peter Donahue first came to Tiburon in 1882 to prepare the vacant area at the end of the peninsula for a terminal of his San Francisco and North Pacific Railroad (SF&NP).  The first train left Tiburon on May 1,...



View of San Rafael in the mid 1880s.

The Glory of San Rafael

“The glory of San Rafael” was one of the features which appeared in a Boston Traveler opinion piece many decades ago.  It was reprinted by the Marin Journal on January 19, 1888...

Bolinas Pioneer George Burge
Blithedale: The Cushings' Place in Marin


Jim Sam

Jim Sam: The Legendary Chinese Cowboy

Without a doubt the most colorful character in Nicasio history is Jim Sam. His story is unique, and he left an imprint on generations of Nicasio residents. Jim Sam was a cowboy, cook, jockey,...

What’s Up with White’s Hill?
Sterling Hayden and Marin Railroads


Sketch of Angellotti's San Rafael Hotel

San Rafael Pioneer Guiseppe Angellotti

Guiseppi Angellotti was a true pioneer of San Rafael. He came to San Rafael in 1850 and saw the San Rafael Mission before it was torn down. At that time, California had just become a state and San...

Rudy Bettoli: From Winemaker to Toy Maker
The William S. Hughes Family: San Rafael Pioneers, 1855-1914


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