Friday, Feb. 15, 2019
The Marconi powerhouse, 1915. In March of 1918, the spark transmitters and other equipment were removed by the Marines & taken to Mare Island.

1918-1919: Trans-Pacific Radio silenced in West Marin

By Richard Nielsen

In 1913, Guglielmo Marconi placed West Marin on the radio map of the world.  His company constructed a...

Detail front cover of Shipwrecks of Marin by Brian K. Crawford

Shipwrecks of Marin: February 25th

By Laurie Thompson

Please join us on Monday February 25th at our Map & Special Collections Annex for a special talk and book-signing by Marin County author & historian Brian K. Crawford. The talk begins at 6:30 pm and the address is: 1600 Los Gamos, Suite 182 in San Rafael (see the...

Harris S. Allen, circa 1900

Harry Allen and his Marvelous (Lost) Trail

By Richard Cunningham

Long before automobiles provided easy access to Mt. Tamalpais, complex foot trails carried visitors into the mountain’s boundless spaces. Two segments of one of those trails still survive today, tucked into...

China Camp, Marin County, 1887

Anti-Immigration Sentiments in Early Marin

By Robert L. Harrison

Immigration has always been intimately linked with American history.  Through the years, an American society has emerged shaped in large part by the multitude of cultures brought here by millions of...


The Great Train Wreck of 1903

By Dewey Livingston

The North Pacific Coast Railroad, being narrow gauge and usually hurting for money, had its share of mishaps and disasters. Derailments, washouts, breakdowns, collisions, all were par for the course for an active railroad. One incident...



1901 Buffalo Runabout; tiller-driven. Though the vehicle depicted here is electric -and manufactured by a different automobile company- it would be similar to the runabout produced by the California Automobile Co. in 1901.

San Rafael's Hopes for an Automobile Factory

Land transportation in the 19th century was limited to railroads, the horse, with or without a carriage, and walking.  As the 20th century dawned the “horseless carriage”, a new...

Remembering William Sagar
Lime Point from Prominence to Obscurity


Jim Sam

Jim Sam: The Legendary Chinese Cowboy

Without a doubt the most colorful character in Nicasio history is Jim Sam. His story is unique, and he left an imprint on generations of Nicasio residents. Jim Sam was a cowboy, cook, jockey,...

What’s Up with White’s Hill?
Sterling Hayden and Marin Railroads


Sketch of Angellotti's San Rafael Hotel

San Rafael Pioneer Guiseppe Angellotti

Guiseppi Angellotti was a true pioneer of San Rafael. He came to San Rafael in 1850 and saw the San Rafael Mission before it was torn down. At that time, California had just become a state and San...

Rudy Bettoli: From Winemaker to Toy Maker
The William S. Hughes Family: San Rafael Pioneers, 1855-1914


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