Monday, Jan. 21, 2019

The Great Train Wreck of 1903

By Dewey Livingston

The North Pacific Coast Railroad, being narrow gauge and usually hurting for money, had its share of mishaps and disasters. Derailments, washouts, breakdowns,...

1901 Buffalo Runabout; tiller-driven. Though the vehicle depicted here is electric -and manufactured by a different automobile company- it would be similar to the runabout produced by the California Automobile Co. in 1901.

San Rafael's Hopes for an Automobile Factory

By Robert L. Harrison

Land transportation in the 19th century was limited to railroads, the horse, with or without a carriage, and walking.  As the 20th century dawned the “horseless carriage”, a new transportation mode, was emerging.   Though many felt...

Jim Sam

Jim Sam: The Legendary Chinese Cowboy

By Dewey Livingston

Without a doubt the most colorful character in Nicasio history is Jim Sam. His story is unique, and he left an imprint on generations of Nicasio residents. Jim Sam was a cowboy, cook, jockey, gambler, and for many Nicasio...


Remembering William Sagar

By Brian Sagar

William 'Bill' Sagar, aged 96, became a part of Fairfax history the moment he picked up a pen to begin recording it.  His dedication to preserving the town history will keep us busy for years, sorting through papers and trying to even begin...

Lime Point, 2018

Lime Point from Prominence to Obscurity

By Robert L. Harrison

Many in Marin are not aware of the name Lime Point, a significant feature of the Marin headlands made less conspicuous today by the presence of the Golden Gate Bridge.  The Point is that bit of land framing the...



Doughboy Monument at Marin Civic Center, Avenue of the Flags

Display Honors Veterans of World War I

Exactly one hundred years ago, on November 11, 1918, Germany signed an armistice agreement, to stop what was hoped to be the "war to end all wars." Fighting would formally cease at the eleventh...

November 19th: Steam Trains, Shipwrecks and Cemeteries: The Story of San Francisco's Lands End
Early History of Baseball


White's Hill, late 1940s

What’s Up with White’s Hill?

The question, “Who was the White of White’s Hill”? is rarely given a satisfactory answer. There isn’t much information on Mr. and Mrs. White’s days in San Geronimo...

Sterling Hayden and Marin Railroads
Marin Trivia: Answers


Sketch of Angellotti's San Rafael Hotel

San Rafael Pioneer Guiseppe Angellotti

Guiseppi Angellotti was a true pioneer of San Rafael. He came to San Rafael in 1850 and saw the San Rafael Mission before it was torn down. At that time, California had just become a state and San...

Rudy Bettoli: From Winemaker to Toy Maker
The William S. Hughes Family: San Rafael Pioneers, 1855-1914


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